About Bluegrass Ice

Dry Ice

Roger's Ice Company started as a family owned and operated business and was established in 1988. John (Jack) Rogers and his 5 sons Johnny, Ronnie, Gary, Mickey, and Les started the business from buying out a local ice man. Mr. Fletcher had 2 small icemakers in his garage. The Roger's had a plan to take the business to the next level. They built a 2400 square foot plant in New Haven, Kentucky and moved from two small ice makers to a ten ton volt ice machine and had only twenty stops within a 13 mile radius.

During the first year of business the company managed to sell 40,000 bags of ice. After 3 years, we managed to achieve 80 stops and sell 400,000 bags of ice. The ice dream was coming true. In 1995, Ronnie and Gary bought out their father and other 3 brothers. After 5 years sales were up and the business was taking flight. In 2000, Ronnie and his wife Karen bought out Gary and Shirley. With a growing business at his side, Ronnie bought out Bluegrass Ice Company located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky from Fred and Shirley Harmon in 2002. He ran two plants for 5 years and it finally got to be a hassle trying to manage both plants.

In 2008, a 15,000 square foot ice plant was built and the New Haven Plant was closed for good. As of 2008, we currently serve the Central Kentucky area with over 600 accounts. Also, we can produce 100 tons of ice in a day's time, with a 12 day supply of ice in our 5,000 square foot walk‐in freezer. 2008 marks our twentieth year anniversary, and now we sell over 2 million bags of ice annually.

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